I have regional movie based website launched in Jan 2012. Because of the domain age and the competition we were not appeared in search engines till march 2012 . At that time I read a post by luckyman and contacted him for his services and he suggested a basic plan.

And today we are ranking in first page (#7) for keyword #1 and #12 for keyword #2.



I am very pleased and happy to recommend him without any doubt, He communicates well and always available in skype. Today we discussed about the google penguin update, He is an expert and knows what he do.

I will use his services again for my other sites

services are excellent. He has done lots of work for me for a long time and it is hard to find anyone as honest and hardworking as he is and he knows how to get results. Don’t hesitate to hire his team for SEO work.



Just wanted to let everyone know I have been working with Lucky for over 12 months. The results for my new sites are very impressive with the most recent site being ranked all #1 on Google within 3 weeks (local client). They produce a a lot of social, web bookmarks and quality videos as well as quality bookmarking.

Any time I have any issues or questions I can talk directly to lucky or my VA, I would recommend their full time VA service to all warriors.


Some time ago I have ordered this service. I was little skeptical what will happen with my panda damaged website, but I have ordered it and now I know that it was a good decision.Site for the selected keywords moved up, I have on better positions and I have more sales as well. Im very satisfied with this service so if you are deciding yes/no, I say Yes

wanna come back with a little review of this service.

We have been Penguin slapped and went from first page #3 to nowhere in Google.

We ain’t have any hype or make money product, it’s a course to teach to use a software.

Maybe we got slapped as we have the word + links from CLICKBANK at the sales page, perhaps Google trigger that immediately as low quality content, who knows.

OK, 4 weeks into the works, our site got finally back into G. rank. It’s far from good but we are back, so are improvements from now on.

I purchased a package #1 to try this, got so many others which didn’t deliver, so I was a bit hesitant to buy the $150 package.

So if I like to keep the permanent VA for my site, do I have to stick to the $25/month maintenance fee or could I pay the $50/month for an upgrade to include what’s in package #2? Or do I need to pay another $150?

Summing it up, for us it was worth the investment and we can recommend the service.