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Microniche Site- Adsense Revenues


Now I’m revealing all my secrets with this service! If you are serious about creating a real internet business that makes real money day in, day out, then this Service is for you.

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My goal is to make you a passive money maker!

Processes involved with Micro Niche Websites:

Microniche Site Service


Yes. You just collect the money and leave the rest to me and my team!

Here is exactly what you get…

  • Onpage SEO Optimized
  • Guaranteed Google First Page Ranking
  • 1,000 Exact USA Search Volume
  • $1 Avg CPC
  • 2 X 500 Words Articles
  • Exact Match Domain
  • Lifetime Support Via Email



Get Unlimited Supply Of High PR Backlinks And Laser Targeted Traffic From Social Bookmarking! Chepest price & high quality service you ever experienced!


Millions of visitors flood these Social Bookmarking sites to search for information. So the idea of bookmarking is to post links back to your web page from these Social Bookmarking websites. You need to specify some keywords (we call them TAGS) which categorize your bookmark. This allows others to search and even vote for your bookmark. Social Bookmarking is in a league of its own because of its ability to generate traffic by sharing links.

Let’s see what some benefits of Social Bookmarking are:

  • More Targeted
  • Faster Search Engine Indexing
  • Higher Search Engine Ranking
  • Better PageRank


Dedicated Team with Staffs having experiences in Link Building:

  • Social bookmarking submissions with free pinging. Our social bookmarking service is genuine service, so that we can assure the accuracy and approval rate close to 100%. We ping your new link on bookmarking websites + social network to ensure a fast Google approach.
  • The links that you get are 100% approved one way and are permanent links for your website.
  • Highly randomized account user names for less footprint. We use our own bookmark accounts.
  • Over 900 Unique IPs.
  • Competitive price & Great discount on bulk orders, We give you money back guarantee if our service is not delivered timely and the number of sites we bookmark is under the number you paid for.
  • We are not re-publishing your link to the same bookmarking websites over and over again. We have a database of 675+ individual & UNIQUE bookmarking sites where we will promote your site. Most of the similar services have around 100 websites and if the say they give you 500 bookmarking, in reality they post 5 times on the same websites.
  • Detailed report with each submission. We do not just say that the bookmark process is complete, we give a comprehensive report of our work, with your link listed on all websites we bookmarked you. You have full control of our work. Go ahead, check it!
  • We do not spam or flood either your website nor the bookmarking websites with automatic servers, scripts or software request. Our social bookmarking submission service is 100% internet friendly.
  • Highly spun description for less footprint. Optimum Future offer the ability to create unlimited versions of your website content to avoid Google duplicate content warning. However, this service is optional due to the fact that some SEO specialists consider this text repetition as been syndication and not duplicate content (those is not penalized by Google). Depending on your SEO policy, we may spin your content or not. Your choice!
  • Please note that we always update our social bookmarking site list to give you the current best sites.



Authority Blog Comment Service

Link building plays an important role in getting high rankings in Search Engines. Backlinks can be achieved by several methods available. But we are offering strongest link building option i-e Blog Commenting. Blog commenting is considered as best way to increase SERP for your site and dofollow backlinks have great importance in Google’s eye. We are offering link building services (High PR backlinks) for your site through dofollow blog comments. We have a team of experienced link builder and providing link building services to various clients. As all of you know about impact of High PR backlinks on your site, of course it will improve your site SERP along with other benefits.


  • Guaranteed Dofollow Backlinks
  • Actual PR Page Backlinks
  • 100% Approval Rates
  • Free Spam Comments
  • Low OBL (OutBound Links)
  • Fast Turnaround Time 3 – 5 Days
  • Free Delivery Report



Best SEO Package can help attract thousands of new followers fast. By increasing your follower count, you are able to increase awareness and customer base. Adding more Twitter followers can help to build brand and add social proof as well as quickly and effectively spreading your message in real time.

Get 1,000′s of Real, Guaranteed Twitter Followers. Worldwide or Country targeted followers are delivered at cheap prices, with a 100% money back guarantee.


The Process

Simply place your order and we will begin to grow your Twitter Followers by delivering 100% real active users who will follow you. We provide a 100% guarantee that people will follow you and not just send invites like a lot of other websites.

What are the Benefits of Having More Twitter Followers?

Twitter users who follow you can become new customers. Whenever you write a new post, it appears on all the users that have followed you. If they write comments or like the post it can spread to their friends and take on a viral effect. Increase brand awareness and build confidence by reaching millions of Twitter users.

Are these real users?

YES! We deliver 100% genuine, targeted Followers with real and active Twitter profiles.

How safe is this?

Our process of adding likes is 100% safe and legal to use. We comply to Twitter’s terms and grow your follower base in a natural way that ensures your account will not face any negative effects. We do not need your password or admin access to deliver the service.

Best SEO Package Follower Service Features

We provide a 100% money back guarantee on all orders, and are the most affordable and secure fan provider. Having delivered hundreds of orders to customers around the globe. We proudly guarantee the following:

  • 100% guaranteed followers to your Twitter (not just invites)
  • Followers coming from 100% REAL Twitter users with active profiles
  • Fast and affordable delivery of fans (usually within 7 days) & no password or admin access needed
  • We OVER DELIVER on every order to ensure you are more then satisfied
  • Completely safe and legal. We are 100% compliant to Twitter’s terms
  • Pay Securely & Easily Using Paypal!


Cheapest Real Daily Website Traffic

  • 100% Real Human Traffic, No Robot— Visitors are from 100 countries;
  • Country targeted traffic;
  • Google analytics could record our traffic, Average 3 PV per visitor;
  • All order will be started within 24 hours,Track in Real Time;
  • 100% money back guarantee for missing website traffic;


Large traffic = Active Website = High Ranking

More Traffic = More Value =More Money

Analytic Website Traffic


What about our webiste traffic service?

Our website traffic are REAL UNIQUE visitors, from more than 100 coutries, NOT robot. All our website traffic are from one TEP ( Traffic Exchange Platform). The member submits their links to the platform, and also browse other members’ links. After member log in the platform, the platform will browse links automatically. So our website Traffic is SAFE and LEGAL. Our traffic is click traffic. It means our traffic will click external links (like Google Adsense ads) in your page.

For example: A is your page, and B is external link in your A page. C is external link in B page. First click ratio: click ratio for external links (B) in your pages (A). Second click ratio: click ratio for external links(C) in your external pages (B) from your pages (A).


The ability to reach out to more consumers is the primary delight of every provider. Buy Youtube Channel/Video views from us and give a boost to your website traffic.

Why is YouTube Important

Currently, YouTube gets at least one billion views a day from all over the world. This makes it a powerful marketing medium, one that shouldn’t be ignored by anyone who has information or a product to sell. Video presentations are becoming one of the most popular way of presenting a product, service, or idea. They are known to be much more effective than any written or image material you can present online.

What You Get

When you purchase YouTube views you get 100% real views. These are delivered to any video you choose, and come from active users within YouTube. When you buy YouTube views you promote you video right from the get go. You increase your chances of getting it noticed by people from all over the world. Buy Real YouTube views offers real views without giving you the risk of being banned. There are no bots used but these are real people viewing your video.

Why Buy YouTube Views

Of course your video information matters, but you have to have the viewers get to your video before you can make any type of effective marketing technique. The fastest way how to get youtube views for your advantage is to buy real youtube views. Our effective technique will help you get more youtube views without the hassle.

Completely Safe Views

Of course your video information matters, but you have to have the viewers get to your video before you can profit from any type of effective marketing technique. The fastest way to get these viewers is to buy YouTube views. Our technique is completely safe and won’t get your videos banned.

Increase your Profit

In buying youtube views you will begin the process of elevating your revenue! Youtube is the most suitable place to advertise your brands, uplift awareness and gather potential customers. The more views you get the more chances of encountering great sales opportunities. To get the most of youtube, purchase a bulk of youtube views now and take advantage of its benefits.

Our Guarantee

We offer you a 100% guarantee if we don’t deliver the real views agreed upon at the time of your purchase. These views are delivered quickly within a specific agreed upon time. We also tend to over deliver!


Would you like to have thousands of potential customers looking at your website, ready to buy your product or service? Web directories are essentially virtual versions of the phone book. They gives you information about websites and other online services. They are typically categorised into relevant sections so that users can find what they are looking for quicker and easier. Some directories may be topic specific or even locale specific but the majority are general category directories that allow submissions from websites on virtually any topic and from any country.

Directory submissions is a proven true link building strategy that has been around for more than 10 years. It still one of the old and proven way to optimize your website ranking.

Why Directory Submissions?

Directory submissions not only help increase your page rank but they also expose your website to potentually thousands of visitors who go to these directories. Also, your website will be valued by Google because your traffic is coming from a directory that has been indexed and has is ranking well on the search engines.

Directory submissions are relatively easy to submit and have a good conversion rate, typically of around 50% with general category directories. Unfortunately, though, submitting to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of websites can prove extremely tedious and with so many directories to work at the process will take a long time over all. AND this is where we come in!

With thousands of directories available on the Internet it is not easy to go through each of them and check their quality. We help you to identify the relevant directories that can boost up your website’s performance. Moreover we have an existing list of more than ten thousands directories that are already quality checked. We manually process each submission to make sure that they meet each web directory’s guidelines.

Rest assured. We help you to submit your site in the best directories within the least possible time and ensure high success rate. No Auto Submitter Software used. All directory submissions are done 100% manually by our well trained staffs. All directories listed in our database are SEO-friendly. The links that you get are one-way permanent links for your website, no reciprocal links are required.

Features of our process:

  • All Directories in our lists are carefully selected and we update our list regularly.
  • The Google Pageranks are between 1 and 9.
  • All Directories are 100% free with no requirement of reciprocal links required.
  • We will create a custom email address for you that we use for your Directory accounts and the instant activation by clicking validation link.
  • About 30% of the Web directories in our list allow deeplinks or submission of inner page URLs, so you can submit multiple URLs within the same domain.
  • You will get a complete Excel Project Report.
  • Drip feed and slow submission facility is available. Just tell us!
  • Experienced Directory Submission experts will handle all the work.
  • We carefully select the main category, sub-category and country where needed.

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  • SEO Packages
  • Buffer Sites
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Link Wheel of Web2 Sites
  • Video Creation & Submission
  • Wikis- Including EDU Links
  • Article Distribution to Various Blog networks
  • Submitting Articles with AMR
  • PowerPoint and Doc sharing
  • Press Release
  • Directory Submission
  • PAD Submission
  • Social Book Marking
  • Grab RSS Feeds and submit to RSS Aggregator
  • Backlink energizer
  • All Url wil be submited to and
  • Onpage & On Site Optimized
  • Competition Analysis
  • Guaranteed Google First Page Ranking
  • Lifetime Support Via Email
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Turn Around Time
  • Number of URLs Allowed
  • Professional SEO Services
  • $300
  • Upto 10