SEO Virtual Assistant FAQ



What I will Get In Package 1 or Package 2?


You will Get
-Buffer sites—Fanpage, Youtube channle, Google+1, Twitter- Etc
-Social Media Marketing–Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, LinkedIn, Pinterest
-Video Marketing
-Article Distribution to Various Blog networks
-Article Marketing Robot ( submitting to 30000 AD)
-PowerPoint and Doc sharing
-Social Book Marking (submit on Thousands of Pligg, Scuttle and PhpDug sites)

Every thing that Included in PACKAGE 1
-Press Release
-PAD Submission – we will create 3 apps, ebooks, screensavers and Puzzel
-Directory submission, if required we will submit to 5000+ sites
-Eligg sites if required we will submit
-and other if required

What is the Risk of Slap? or Can My site can get banned?

The answer is NO. We can proudly say that, Our not a single site is ever banned by google or gone to Sandbox.
We introduce Buffer sites Concept. That is, Creation of Fanpage, Youtube Channle, Google+1, Twitter etc. And use them as Buffer sites. The Object of buffer sites is to reduce “link velocity” that’s due to SeNuke, blog syndication And Article Marketing Robot. We are pros, know what we are doing.

This strategy is 100% safe Even for new site.

When I will Get #1 ranking or on First page?

That’s an impossible question to answer, since It depends on Several Factors
-Competition for the keywords
-Quality of your site
-Quality of Competitor
If onsite seo and onpage seo is done properly, And In medium competitive sites. You should start seeing SERP movement within 7 to 10 days.
In 90% cases we Gain in Top 3 spot. But we are not the owner of google, We are not giving any guarantee what so ever.
We can assure you about best seo practices.

What proof will I receive after the campaign?

You will get detailed report. We will send u detail reports of each task, live links and login details.

Why should I hire a VA?

To gain and retain high ranking, We need incoming links from high authority sites with targeted anchor keywords and surrounded by relevant content. We can do it by – Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Web2 Sites, Press Release, Book marking and so on.

The question is, Can You do it? Of course YES, you can, But * ( latter)

Or You can hire a Dedicated Staff or Virtual Assistant (VA). But, Can a single VA do every thing?
In other words, can a Single VA do, Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Press Release?
The answer is NO. Its not possible for one person to learn and do every thing. That’s why, we need Group approach.

We need a Specialize team for each task, for example, One team should write articles and submit to blog networks, The other team should do, Video Marketing and so on. In other words, we need a Specialize team for each task, so to perform each task perfectly.

This is what we are doing. We create several groups. And each group is perfect in a particular task. Due to Group Approach, we are not only able to Create Specialize team for each task, But also reduce the cost and unbelievable prices.
8 hours per day, 5 days a week, 40 Hours per week. And 5 weeks of working That is 200 hours work.

Hourly Cost = $2 Per Hour

Its nearly next to impossible for an individual (Even in India, Philippines, Vietnam or any country) to do work at $2 per hour after investing in all the above software.

Its up to you to decide that you should focus on Core business ( create quality sites, and focus on conversion and Scale it) or do $2 per hour job.

I hope it make sense.

How many sites a full time VA and Part time VA Can do in a month?

A Full Time Virtual Assistant (VA) Can do 10 PACKAGE 1
Or Full Time Virtual Assistant (VA) Can do 6 PACKAGE 2
A Part Time Virtual Assistant (VA) Can do 5 PACKAGE 1
Or Part Time Virtual Assistant (VA) Can do 3 PACKAGE 2
Honestly, PACKAGE 1, is enough in most cases


All payments are made through Paypal ( e-junkie will take to your paypal account). Due to nature of work we require payment in advance prior to starting.

Note- NO Recurring Payment at all… “Just Pay for it when i need the work done”
If u are happy with work, the please reorder from here. Again NO recurring payments, SO don’t forgot to pay us on time. We don’t want to send Reminders about payment.

Refund policy

1. If, in the unlikely event, We are unable to get Your site at Google Page 1 within 60 days We Will Issue a Full Refund

2. In case of Refund, we will take our all work back. ( in other words, we will remove all our links)

3. After refund request, we will take Seven 7 working day to Refund. Say client ask for refund on Monday, we will refund the full amount on Wednesday

4. Refund is only applicable to package 1 or package 2. If u order for VA, And due to any reason u are not happy with work, then take full refund after first package 1. Its not possible to do work for 30-40 days, and then refund full amount. Click here to learn more.

Cost of Capicha

You don’t need to pay any thing else. We will manage it. Again NO Captcha cost Or any Hidden cost.

Still have any doubts or have any questions

if you have any doubts or questions, or you are looking for some thing else, then do contact us